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Workshop on Advanced X-ray Sources and Diagnostics

Published: May 27, 2014

Workshop on Advanced X-ray Sources and Diagnostics
Chengdu, China
September 4-6, 2014

We are delighted to invite you to attend the Workshop on Advanced X-ray Sources and Diagnostics (WAXSD), which will be held in Chengdu, China, on September 4-6, 2014. This event is organized by the Peac Institute of Multiscale Sciences (PIMS) in Chengdu, China.

The workshop aims to serve as a venue to discuss advanced X-ray sources (third generation synchrotron and X-ray free-electron laser (XFEL)) and related diagnostics, and to educate scientists and students who are new to these fields. It will bring together scientists from around the world who are experts in synchrotron-based X-ray scattering, diffraction, spectroscopy, and imaging, as well as X-ray free electron lasers and related diagnostics. We are planning an inspirational technical program for about 10-15 invited speakers and 100 other participants. Each invited speaker is allocated 1-3 hours for one or two speeches. The lectures (PPT files) from all the speakers will be collected into a single volume and printed before the workshop, for the convenience of the non-English-speaking audience.

Chengdu is the capital city of Sichuan province in Southwest China, and one of the most important economic, transportation, and communication centers in China. The fertile Chengdu Plain is known as the “Country of Heaven,” and hometown of giant pandas. We hope you will take up the many opportunities to enjoy Chengdu and its surroundings, and all that it has to offer.

We look forward to greeting you at the workshop in September 2014. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us or Ms. Xin Peng by phone at 86-28-85993168 or by email at xinpeng@pims.ac.cn; or consult the website www.pims.ac.cn for workshop information and updates.

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