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Hai-bo Ke, Seminar, Jun. 10, 2014

Published: June 9, 2014


Glass Transtion and Deformation Rheology in Metallic Glasses


Amorphous matter especially amorphous alloys are currently among the most actively studied materials. In the last decades, the metallic glasses (MGs), which is a newcomer in glassy family, is at the cutting edge of research and of current interest and signicance in condensed matter physics, materials science and engineering. The unique structural features and outstanding mechanical, physical and chemical properties of MGs provide model system for studying some long-standing fundamental issues in condensed matter physics and have potential engineering and functional applications. In this report, we introdued our investigation about the fundamental issues in MG field, including the understanding the nature of glass transiton from heat capcity, the dynamic deformation rhelogy in MGs including the creep in elastic regime and the jerky flow behavior of MG micropillars, and also the structure heterogeneity revealed by nanoindentation.

Personal Profile:

Department of Mechanical and Biomedical Engineering

City University of Hong Kong

Senior Research Assistant

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