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Junyu Huang

Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering

Research Areas: Impact dynamics | Mechanics of soft materials | X-ray imaging and tomography

Office: 4F, Mechanical Building
Email: jyhuang#AT#pims.ac.cn

Junyu Huang, assistant professor at The Peac Institute of Multiscale Science (PIMS). He received his B.S., M.S., and Ph.D from University of Science & Technology of China.

Selected Publications:

  1. S. Y. Wu, B. X. Bie, D. Fan, T. Sun, K. Fezzaa, Z. D. Feng, J. Y. Huang, and S. N. Luo, Dynamic shear localization of a titanium alloy under high-rate tension characterized by x-ray digital image correlation, Materials Characterization 137, 58-66 (2018).
  2. J. Y. Huang, S. S. Hu, S. L. Xu, and S. N. Luo, Fractal crushing of granular materials under confined compression at different strain rates, International Journal of Impact Engineering 106, 259-265 (2017).
  3. J.Y. Huang, J.C. E, J.W. Huang, T. Sun, K. Fezzaa, S.L. Xu, S.N. Luo, Dynamic deformation and fracture of single crystal silicon: Fracture modes, damage laws, and anisotropy, Acta Materialia, 114, 136-145 (2016).
  4. J. Y. Huang, L. Lu, D. Fan, T. Sun, K. Fezzaa, S. L. Xu, M. H. Zhu, S. N. Luo, Heterogeneity in deformation of granular ceramics under dynamic loading, Scripta Materialia, 111C, 114-118 (2016).
  5. J. Y. Huang, Y. Li, Q. C. Liu, X. M. Zhou, L. W. Liu, C. L. Liu, M. H. Zhu, and S. N. Luo, Origin of compression-induced failure in brittle solids under shock loading, Physical Review B, 92, 144101 (2015).
  6. J. Huang, S. Xu, S. Hu. Influence of particle breakage on the dynamic compression responses of brittle granular materials. Mechanics of Materials, 68, 15-28 (2014).
  7. J. Huang, S. Xu, S. Hu. Effects of grain size and gradation on the dynamic responses of quartz sands. International Journal of Impact Engineering, 59, 1-10 (2013).

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