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Oliver Tschauner, Seminar, June 23, 2016

Published: June 23, 2016

A novel diamond-like tetragonal phase of carbon

TIMEJune 23, 2016

PRESENTER: Oliver Tschauner, University of Nevada Las Vegas

LOCATION: 4F, Building 2

TYPE: Seminar


1) Fourth energetically competitive form of carbon that exists in nature/fifth confirmed form of carbon:

Graphite, diamond, fullerenes, β-tin carbon, (C-nanotubes)


Diplom (=MS+BS), University of Cologne, Crystallography, 1994
“On the dielectric permittivity in solids in their dependence on external directional pressure”
Advisor: S. Haussühl (University of Cologne)
Dr. rer. nat.(Ph.D.), Mineralogy, University of Cologne, 1997
“Stability and chemical properties of Ni,Co:(Mg,Fe)SiO3-perovskite”
H. Palme (University of Cologne)
R. Boehler (Max Planck Institute for Chemistry Mainz)

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