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Zhe Ren, Seminar, August 3, 2016

Published: July 8, 2016

Nanomechanics: combining mechanical tests in situ with focused X-ray diffraction

TIME: August 3, 2016

PRESENTER: Zhe Ren, Aix Marseille University

LOCATION: 4F, Building 2

TYPE: Seminar


Since the first mechanical tests on microwhiskers in the 1950s [1], studies have shown that micro and nanostructures exhibit different mechanical behaviours comparing to their bulk counterparts. With recent advances of the sample fabrication processes and the mechanical testing methods, these unique mechanical properties can now be systemically studied [2]. In our project, in situ mechanical tests are performed on single nanostructures in combination with different X-ray diffraction techniques (e.g. Coherent Bragg diffraction imaging, or Laue microdiffraction). For this purpose, a special AFM was developed, which has been successfully applied at ID01 and BM32 beamline, ESRF. In this presentation, the ability of this AFM will illustrated with two in situ mechanical tests at BM32, where mechanical properties of Au nanowires are examined by combining three point bending test with Laue microdiffraction. With two experiments, we show that this special AFM offers many new opportunities for studying the mechanical properties of different nanomaterials, which might serve as important basis for modeling the deformation process at nanoscale in the future.

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